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    State Security Bars Belkis Cantillo From Leaving Cuba

    State Security Bars Belkis Cantillo From Leaving Cuba

    14ymedio, Havana, 4 May 2017 — State Security prevented Belkis Cantillo,
    the leader of the Dignity Movement, from boarding a flight to the United
    States on Wednesday afternoon. The activist explained to 14ymedio via
    telephone that State Security agents and immigration officials notified
    her that she was “restricted.”

    Cantillo explained that she tried to travel for health reasons because
    for some time she has felt “badly in the kidneys.”

    According to the Dignity Movement leader, the clerk at the American
    Airlines check-in counter in Frank Pais International Airport in Holguin
    told her that she had to follow her and led her to an office where
    officials from State Security and Immigration were waiting for her.

    Although the activist did not receive any official documents that
    supported a travel restriction, the agents indicated that she should
    leave the airport at the end of the interrogation. On her way home, she
    noticed that the car in which she was returning to Santiago de Cuba was
    being “escorted” by the political police.

    Cantillo, who lives in Palmarito de Cauto, in Santiago de Cuba province,
    denounced that since the emergence of the Dignity Movement, she and the
    other activists have had to resist the constant persecution of State

    Earlier this year, Cantillo was detained for four days and on January
    14, the founding day of the Dignity Movement, she was expelled, along
    with a group of women, from the Shrine of the Virgin of the Charity of

    Since then, says the opponent, the “threats” have not stopped and
    several homes have been “raided” by State Security and police.

    The Dignity Movement is demanding an immediate unconditional amnesty for
    all those currently imprisoned for “pre-criminal dangerousness” and the
    elimination of this “arbitrary” concept from the Penal Code.

    Source: State Security Bars Belkis Cantillo From Leaving Cuba –
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