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    Freed rocker is ready to sing about Raúl

    Freed rocker is ready to sing about Raúl

    Interviewed by the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Cuban punk rocker Gorki
    Águila attributed the reduction in his charges (from "pre-delictive
    social dangerousness" to "disobedience") to "the pressure of people who
    gathered tightly around me. That is proof that when people unite to
    confront tyranny, things can be changed. They fear that what they do
    will become known and that they will be condemned internationally. That
    is why they reduced a possible 4-year sentence to a 600-peso fine. They
    want to appear as good people." Asked who he was referring to, Águila
    answered: "Those in State Security, the regime. But they didn't expect
    that I would have so much support. Justice here is not just blindfolded;
    it's got its nose, mouth and ears covered." Right now, Águila says, he
    is "in a sort of post-traumatic stress, after four days in the
    dungeons." But he's ready to record a new song, El Comandante II, an
    allusion to Raúl Castro; it is a sequel to El Comandante, a tune in
    which he sang about Fidel Castro: "He wants me to applaud after he
    speaks his delirious s***." Although free, Águila feels constrained:
    "This is like the Russian dolls. Dolls_2 You come out of a small jail,
    only to go into a slightly larger one, and so on. I am now in a larger
    one, but there's always the risk I'll fall into the smallest doll." For
    the entire interview, in Spanish, click here. For Herald coverage of
    Águila's release, click here.
    —Renato Pérez Pizarro.

    August 31, 2008



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