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    Cuba: dissident punk rocker scores political win

    Cuba: dissident punk rocker scores political win
    Submitted by WW4 Report on Sun, 08/31/2008 – 23:44.

    Cuban punk rocker Gorki Aguila, lead singer of Porno para Ricardo,
    charged with "social dangerousness" because of his songs denouncing and
    deriding the government, was released with a $28 fine after calling upon
    his fans to hold a public protest. Facing up to four years in prison for
    lyrics scorning Fidel and Raul Castro as "geriatrics," the 39-year-old
    singer was arrested Aug. 25 and charged with subverting "communist
    morality." Supporters were due to assemble at Havana's Malecón promenade
    to protest Aug. 28. "We invite everyone to gather and shout Gorki," said
    the band's (foreign-based) website. At the last minute, judicial
    authorities backed down and agreed to the fine. The banner on the
    website currently reads "We've won the battle!" (Ganamos la batalla!)

    Formed 10 years ago as part of an underground music movement, Porno para
    Ricardo is banned from Cuba's official airwaves. The Cuban Commission
    for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, an illegal but tolerated
    group, said the singer had angered authorities with some of his latest
    lyrics but had not violated the law. "Gorki Aguila has not committed any
    specific crime as defined by the current criminal code," it said in a
    statement. Aguila had asked for "diplomatic observers" to attend the
    trial, but refused legal help from the US-based Cuban American National
    Foundation. (AP, Aug. 29; The Guardian, Aug. 29)


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