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    Prisoners fumigated while they slept

    Prisoners fumigated while they slept

    HAVANA, Cuba – October 23 (Roberto Santana Rodríguez / www.cubanet.org)
    - Sleeping inmates were sprayed while they slept when the chief of
    Internal Order at the El Pitirre prison ordered spraying against
    mosquitos to proceed at six in the morning October 15.

    The spraying is part of an ongoing campaign against the Aedes aegypti
    mosquito that transmits several diseases, including the present concern,
    dengue fever.

    Jailed dissident Víctor Yunier Fernández said prisoners complained when
    they learned they had been sprayed with the chemicals.

    Some hours after the incident, Fernández was beaten by a guard and
    hauled off to a punishment cell, said another political prisoner,
    Reinaldo Gante.

    Fernández, 23, was sentenced last March to three years for “dangerousness.”


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